Mein Bild
Ben Gad Nadav Assaf David(a partying 5-piece juicy punk rock n' roll from Israel, ch ch ch checkit !)


Uzbeks formed during the winter of 2009 by it's 5 current members.
the first few songs were written several years before, and came to reality very fast and after 6 months of rehersals, Uzbeks started playing local shows.
Our main influences are T.S.O.L, D.I, Agent Orange, Naked Raygun and Pekinska Patka.
We play to have fun, meet stupid people (like us) in Israel and all over the world and create intresting punk rock together, as friends and co musicians that have a common musical language and vision.
We are 5 fluent speakers of Thai, Italien, English, Russian and of course Hebrew.
Till now we released our first demo in summer 2009, our debut LP 'Goggles & Flipflops' in 2010, a cassette EP 'Snaps' in 2011 and did 2 tours in Europe.
we have nothing to do with the Uzbekistan union and assaulting it doesn't come at all in our free spirit and religion minds. We simply find the name cool catchy and for you easy to recall it ;)

we are or were active in these bands as well: Sweatshop Boys, the Orions, Mondo Gecko, Brutal Assault, Expect Nothing, Mitaan, Plishat Hotfey Hagufot (Invasion Of Body Snatchers), Citizen X, the Fellows, Mad Choice, Ska-be-us, Ze Igamer Bebexi (it will end up crying), Sinaat Hinam (unwarrented hatred), Tea With Satan, 

 one of our first rehersals in River Studios (Kobi's) in tel Aviv. Picture by Vik Lee Borstein
most of us met in this concert back in 2004. picture by Or Eitan