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Dienstag, 16. August 2011

TOUR 2011 !

hey mash nish ?
tour starts in 2 days and we are fucking excited.
come out of your European caves, it's still summer altough it might be raining sometimes, and we bring an extra dose of sun from Israel for each and every one of you
here's a good kick off -

_____________TOUR DATES_____________

18.8 Wiesbaden (Germany) @ Schlachthot * w/ OFF! & Fucked Up
19.8 Rostock (Germany) @ Awiro
w/ Pestfest
20.8 Copenhagen (Denmark) @ Dortheavej61 w/ / DE HØJE HÆLE
21.8 - Malmö (Sweden) @ Rex w/ Vindicate This!
22.8 - Helsingor (Denmark) @ Musikhuset Elværket w/
Afdeling O
23.8 - Aarhus (Denmark) @ Headquarters
24.8 - FREE FOR LAST MOMENT BOOKING in north Deutschland **HELP!**
25.8 - Hamburg (Germany) @ Komet
26.8 - Dresden (Germany) @ AZ Conni w/
27.8 - Berlin (Germany) @ Scherer 8 w/ Hyena
28.8 - Leipzig (Germany) @ Giesserstr. 17 * w/ Morgenthau Plan
30.8 - Munich (Germany) @ Kafe Marat *
31.8 - Karlsruhe (Germany) @ Proberaumkonzert*
1.9 - Paris (France) @ la Miroiterie * w/
Chris Clavin and & David snug
2.9 - Unna (Germany) @ JZ Taubenschlag * w/ KSM40, Napoleon Dynamite, Bob Rooney & Deathrite
3.9 - Münster (Germany) @ Coco Jambo fest * w/ Career Suicide, Seed Of Pain, NOEM, Modern Pets, Deathrite & more

* - Only Uzbeks

Montag, 15. August 2011

The Needle Drop reviews G & F LP + Black Magic!

here you can find 2 short review from the most hard working internet alternative music review dude

Black Magic Review  

Freitag, 5. August 2011

New Song !

We are finally done with our upcoming 4 tracks 7:26 minutes 'Snaps' E.P that will be out on a tape by Yakuzzi Tapes (Spastic Fantastic Records)

you can listen to it on the 'Songs' page
enjoy !

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Lukinzine review !

Swedish webzine - Lukinzine reviewed G&F LP, google translated this from Swedish to English:

Company / Distributor: Twintoe Year: 2010 Format: LP Rating: 7 / 10
That band name Uzbeks aimed at the ethnic group in the vernacular comes from Uzbekistan, but in equal parts can be found everywhere in Central Asia may not be as hard to guess. But what lets the guys do? The cover is colorful and disc title reveals the party hats and feather-light ironic chord, but the truth is that the Uzbeks are garage punk with punk rock influences, a la Circle Jerks, which is not exactly bad.

In fact, the band not from Central Asia, but from Germany (although members have Israeli origin) and, given the small wisecracking account of the music and lyrics so the band had been able to fit in Spastic Fantastic, but then they had probably also been playing a little faster. Uzbeks do not stand out very much from ordinary garage acts, except lyrically, where they sometimes could be likened to early NOFX where absurdities laps each, and one can think what you wish for. Goggles And Flip Flops is a good album to throw on when the mood is tight, the energy makes one happy and recharge the batteries properly. You want to crank it with his fist in the air, drumming away on the desktop and run a round, so in other words it is a modern Durecellkanin on vinyl, we are dealing with. The best songs, goes under the title Alice DIY and Wolf Attack and the latter purely vocal terms brings some Jello Biafra-vibes.

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Hummous Punx Unite !

you know you like the tasty creamy texture of the goddes delight - hummous
well on this concert we will be making it.

also preforming this night a fresh new band - Best! with memmber from: Shenkin Punx, Instinct and Machleket Hanikot Shotrim


Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

when some PIGS gets pissed in the WOLVES field

Yesterday in Galit skate park, Tel Aviv shows went pretty rad. cold beers, vegan food awesome bands and the Israeli sun melting our brains out. Thank's to some good people that put this up and a big special one for Yonatan (Smiley) Eldan who finally took this idea, of making a punk rock concert in this skate park - to the next level of really happening (!). The show was running cool with many people coming, going, staying, having a beer, letting their kids party or just staring at some kids pogoing and laughing about it. in fact, besides the fact this concert was going on without any official permit from Tel Aviv municipality office, outside in the open sky of Tel Aviv at that cool skate park, there was no disturbance, and even some near by neighbors were enjoying that cool punk afternoon as well.
Yesterday was a good example of how a honest and beautiful initiative of diy artists and punk rockers are being let down in Israel or simply in every police state country.

we were kept as a 'surprise' for this concert's line up therefor we played last, which was kind of cool not to play in front of that boiling sun, makes you wannammmhahahaahAH!
managed to play only like 4 songs, that only on the last one (Wolf Attack) the pigs decided to show up and get their bite from the Uzim and their friends (Cory from Mondo Gecko is on the mic since Nadav was already re-designing the police car the pigs showed up with :)

Thank's for all the bands that played. Vasily, Tom, Liran, Igor, Zuka and many others with those flashy black machines of yours that took some cool evidences

on 18.7 will be an awesome (full) concert of Uzbeks in Rogatka Tel Aviv, come shake it there !

Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Misshapes concert

this is kind of a last minute concert. the misshapes party happenes every Friday at the Milk Bar (aka the Breakfast) and this Friday Uz will spice it as well, together with all the fake four-eyed hypsters :)

Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

A teaser

here is a small teaser for our next tape EP + upcoming tour made by the best - Maz - from Yakuzzi tapes

Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

H A I F A !

and once again, Uzbeks are trashing in Israel since a long time with our good bear - human friends - Friday Night Sissy Fight and another local haifa freshly fresh band - V.I.P
check it!

Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

We love Yael Meiry

Yael Meiry is one of the best photo capturer along punk rock and indie concerts in Israel in the last 6 years, she also takes some funny photos in the streets sometimes or outside really ARSIM clubs in Karlibach street in Tel Aviv or bizzare concerts punx would never go unless it's for bummin' out and asking for money.. like Justin Bieber concert (??)

Yael made a cool looking compilation CD, togetehr with the best israeli hardcore punk bands from nower days and the last 20 years. Rather if you are lacking some israeli punk knowkledge or simply a punk fan or just like music - this short compliation is a great combination and the best 30 MB your computer will use

Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

this ones for the Japanese tsunami victims

got a mail the other day to our band mail box offering to take place in a benifit punk rock compilation CD for victims from the latest tsunamis and earthquakes incidents - why not ?! fo sho we said yes, so 'Alice DIY' is there rocking the tsunamis back to where it came from. Let Japan recover fast!

check it out here

Dienstag, 15. März 2011

In the name of the animals

so while I'm here excited about the tiny kleiny sun that pops out of the clouds once in a while and the fact I don't have to wear teddy bear suits not to freeze my ass - in great ol' Deutschland - the boys in israel on the meanwhile, play 2 important benefit concert in the name of animal rights.
actually.. how cool is that ?!

16.3 @ Syncopa, Haifa 
for "Shabtzal" - Organization that in its aim- to stop the putting homeless dogs to "sleep" (kill)
 1.4 @ Rogatka, Tel Aviv
Punk for animal rights (all incomes goes to legal procedures of animal rights activists)

Dienstag, 1. März 2011

Haharetz (the land) - Israeli newspaper interview June 2010

just before recording the LP  we were asked for an interview on a a daily israeli newspaper.
apparently a punk rock fan who we knew from long a go from local punk concerts was making some interview with bands from the indie / DIY scene. And so we were lucky to be the last one she interviewed before she escaped from Isra-Hell to the US.

once again our friend Google translated this from hebrew:

Revelation: the band Uzbeks"

Monday 21 June 2010 03:00 by: Noya stars

They shape their CD cover, and organize their European tour. Band Uzbeks"playing punk, which means they do not need anyone

Demo recording of "Uzbeks" is a perfect representation of marginal culture. Entirely as intended to exist under the radar of the mainstream. Burn Disc, the upper side band logo stamped manually sprayed with spray on mold. Booklet of words, writing, decorated with primitive drawings, filmed at Xerox, cut and folded into the curve drop Xerox cover no less. All these elements made their own band, and they also distribute this recording on their own.

Who puts his hands on this item not only feel a strong gust of visual creativity, but also be disclosed to a collection Songs of punk - rock sweep that makes an immediate desire to see them live. "Our hope is to do something creative, Shlprit will be an added value. We recorded a stale quality, only to have nothing to hear, that people will recognize the songs and sing in performances," says Assaf Bomgard, who plays the guitar in the band took a demo of his label "Twintoe Records (a joint expenditure with "Urban Decay," Label of another band member, bassist Gad Torafranca).
Demo includes eight songs and he left in 2009 in limited edition CD's and tapes. Soon the band will begin recording a full album, will finally summer European tour, which is also completely organized themselves. They made the connections with bands of the genre and with different impressions clubs, and appear about 30 time in Europe.
The tendency to do everything themselves is not just a private obsession of the band members, accustomed to her previous Mlokotim present (among other things, members Uzbeks "played and play in and Mondo Gecko", "Brutal Assault", "Suckinim Baenaim" and more), but is also characteristic of going extinct punk rock - ethics of "Do It Yourself" seeks Laotrkia Loaktiat.

DIY is part punk, "says guitarist David Miretzki. "We believe in it. We think how to do things ourselves, get used to it, and enjoy it. There are many indie bands that are considered but do not do anything alone."
"The fact that we do everything alone preserves the authenticity," explains Torafranca. "We are not a product. Once it wraps out and someone who tells how to design the cover, how to dress and when to determine impressions, authenticity is lost."
The band got half a year ago when the singer Nadav Ben-Horin and MIretzki moved to northern Tel Aviv and his other players. Ben Horin writes the words, according to him, the songs are mostly frustration. "Even at 15 I wrote about the frustrations, but I'm frustrated since I've grown more serious things," he explains the background of songs such as "Satanic Bible", "Mossad" or "Sag. Sodom and Gomorrah" (which also has a humorous clip directed by Noa Olhovsky , you might want to look on YouTube).
"I do not exaggerate the political section, trying to keep this social segment, with sensitivity to ordinary people like me, young citizens, the people," says Ben-Horin. From the begining, the musical idea was simple: an old punk rock (that is, affected by the heyday of the "Ramones" California punk bands of the early '80s, they specifically mention the "TSOL"), melodic and fun. Then he added the effects of Garage, rock and roll Surf. Great extent "Uzbeks" is the continuation of their previous band, "Citizen X".
"Our love is punk rock, from a young age," says Miretzki. "We are influenced by the simplicity of punk with three chords, but that's more complicated than that." Torafranca demonstrates: "Yes, after four discs with punk bands, I played the disc to my father and he told me, I'm amazed, you finally learned to play."

Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011

OX - review on Goggles & Flipflops LP !

auf Deutsch

my friend googles translated to this:

Was it the letter made the garish colors Shock Cover fashionable again? Could be good, and in this respect, the UZBEK from ... (ha!) Israel learned their lesson: blue, pink, yellow and green and wild flashes of spirals and their cover to make a gaudy affair to which the bright yellow of the vinyl fits perfectly.

Musically, however, are good, the letter here only partly as a reference for the UZBEK make from Tel Aviv to their Punk Rock is less poppy and anthemic are quite a bit scratchy and remind me more of old NOFX, ADOLESCENTS and CIRCLE JERKS-if there was a sunny beach location of their Hometown is that causes of such musical parallels to a very different West Coast? Lyrically, the UZBEK are a mystery: Somehow, their lyrics are funny, but also a bit absurd.

It seems to me there's the thinking up to sing in Hebrew to English as a minor shift occurred that triggers this effect. All in all a fun band that I would like to see a show - I think it makes the album so much fun again.

Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

some video clips

Uzbeks in motion looks pretty much like this:

'Pills' Sep. 2010 tour clip made by Ben


'Sergeant Sodom & Gomorrah' made by our good friend Noa x Ktana


Matthew & camille's Wedding in Hyeres, France 12.9.10


'Goggles & Flipflops LP' release concert @ Rogatka, Tel Aviv, IL 30.12.10



Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

Germany - Denmark - Sweden - France (Paris) Tour 2011 ! (Aug-Sep)

how's it hanging ya'll ?
we are now planing the next tour from 18.Aug - 3.Sept.
giving you a short but a yummy party dose of 2 weeks so shake it for us !

from 19.8 till 27.8 our crazy outterspace chaos noisy punks - BatalJ from Sweden will join our tour specially to fry your brains out

18.8 Wiesbaden @ Schlachthof w/ Fucked Up & OFF!
19.8 Rostock @ Awiro
w/ Pestfest
20.8 Copenhagen @ Dortheavej61w/ DE HØJE HÆLE
21.8 - Malmö @ Rex w/ Vindicate This!
22.8 - Helsingor @ Musikhuset Elværket w/
Afdeling O
23.8 - Aarhus @ Headquarters
24.8 - Kolding / Flensburg / Bremen / Denmark / north Deutschland **HELP!**
25.8 - Hamburg @ Komet
26.8 - Dresden @ AZ Conni w/
27.8 - Berlin @ Scherer 8 w/ Hyena
28.8 - Leipzig @ Giesserstr. 17 * w/ Morgenthau Plan
29.8 - Nurenberg / Erlangen / somewhere on the way to Munich HELP! *
30.8 - Munich @ Kafe Marat *
31.8 - Karlsruhe TBA *
1.9 - Paris @ la Miroiterie * w/ Chris Clavin and & David snug
2.9 - Unna @ JZ Taubenschlag * w/
KSM40, Napoleon Dynamite, Bob Rooney & Deathrite
3.9 - Münster @ Coco Jambo festival* w/ Career Suicide, Seed Of Pain, NOEM, Modern Pets, Deathrite & more

* only Uzbeks

Facebook Tour Event

alles gutte unsere schatze!