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Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011

OX - review on Goggles & Flipflops LP !

auf Deutsch

my friend googles translated to this:

Was it the letter made the garish colors Shock Cover fashionable again? Could be good, and in this respect, the UZBEK from ... (ha!) Israel learned their lesson: blue, pink, yellow and green and wild flashes of spirals and their cover to make a gaudy affair to which the bright yellow of the vinyl fits perfectly.

Musically, however, are good, the letter here only partly as a reference for the UZBEK make from Tel Aviv to their Punk Rock is less poppy and anthemic are quite a bit scratchy and remind me more of old NOFX, ADOLESCENTS and CIRCLE JERKS-if there was a sunny beach location of their Hometown is that causes of such musical parallels to a very different West Coast? Lyrically, the UZBEK are a mystery: Somehow, their lyrics are funny, but also a bit absurd.

It seems to me there's the thinking up to sing in Hebrew to English as a minor shift occurred that triggers this effect. All in all a fun band that I would like to see a show - I think it makes the album so much fun again.

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