Mein Bild
Ben Gad Nadav Assaf David(a partying 5-piece juicy punk rock n' roll from Israel, ch ch ch checkit !)


Snaps EP (2011)
 1st press - 150 (pink tapes, baby blue boxes) by Yakuzi tapes

the Snaps EP is a 4 song teaser for our upcoming (hopefully not in the far future)  Snaps & Claps LP. The full lineup was once again in Israel in in the hot summer (best times to write a punk rock album by the way) it took us a few rehearsals during one month to write Snaps.
it contains 4 intense party garage punk songs with our weird approach to it - more juicy, more dirty and faster sometimes but still touchy and these tighten up melodies.
Recorded by Dror Goldstein in Tel Aviv, Israel
Mixed by Nico & Konrad in Dresden, Germany
Mastered by Daniel Hajji Husayn in London, U.K
Artwork and production by Maz Yakuzi tapes.

Goggles & Flipflops LP (2010)
1st press - Sptember 2010 - 250 yellow, 250 pink, co-release by: Twintoe, Urban Decay, Partygarage, Dingleberry, Subwix, That Lux Good)
2nd press  - August 2011 - 100 yellow tapes with white boxes (80 with 3D cover + glasses) by Gafas Del Rigor tapes

after the demo was out, kept playing some concert in Israel fantasizing about our first tour in Europe in September, wrote some more songs got into Oz studios in Tel Aviv and recorded the first full length, pulled out some Germans talents we knew Robin for sound mastering, and Paul for the Artwork.

Limited (to a number of 100 copies) for the 2011 tour, made by Gafas Del Rigor tapes, the DIY tapes master from Leipzig, when 80 are with a kinky wicky 3-D effect and glasses and 20 are regular

Demo 2009
1st press - 200 CDr, 50 Tape by Twintoe
2nd press - 100 CDr by Twintoe

So this is where our party started..
at around June 2009 it was already damn sweaty hot in Israel and we had our first live recording mixed and ready, we pulled our good talented friends Guy and Noa to make a quicky designs for a CD and a tape, tape was only 50 copies made by the very own hands of Assaf (Twintoe), CD-Rs were given away for free for those who wanted to party.
it was mixed by our good friends Alon and Yanir from Mondo Gecko
you can still listen to those crunchy dirty tunes on our "Songs" page or download it all here