Mein Bild
Ben Gad Nadav Assaf David(a partying 5-piece juicy punk rock n' roll from Israel, ch ch ch checkit !)



The Leader
If you could make me understand what's right what's wrong - I'll follow you 
Will you protect me from the malice of the world - I'll do anything you tell me to 

The leader, my master - I pleadge alligance to you. 

If you could make me understand what's true what's false - I'll trust you 
Will you get back at anyone that makes me fall - If you won't I'll get back at you 

The leader, my master - I pleadge alligance to you 
Don't you lead me astray, I'm that close to double cross

Black Magic
When no one's here for you - Black magic 
There's nothing left to do but - Black magic 
No one left to love in this world anymore - Black magic 

Spirits and ghosts surrounding me 
My specialty 

When no one's here for you - Black magic 
There's nothing left to do but - Black magic 
No one left to blame for all the anxiey and pain - Black magic

Elephant On Elephant
Elephant on elephant 
Two for the price of one

The Great Imam Of Surf
Surfing, preying 
For a better day 
Searching for a meaning between these waves 
Why things come hard all the time 
And i get the crappy ones 

The great imam of surf - Solve it 

For a better wave 
Waiting for a challenge 
All the waves are the same 
Why i get pushed to the side 
Don't get a chance to prove myself 

The great imam of surf - Help me 

All i wanna do is surf

Goggles &  Flipflops

Electro man
Many things that she wants from me
But this is all i got
1,000 watts of love

And now that i think to myself
Who? Who does she think i am?
I am the electro man
My danger will keep you safe
When the lights go out

Many things that she wants from me
But this is all i got
And it's not what she wants

When the lights go out
We become one
When the power goes off
Then we'll Yaba-daba-daba-daba

Who? Who does she think i am?
I am the electro man
My danger will keep you safe

When the lights go out
We become one
When the power goes off
We suddenly fall in love but then i'm off

Friends from highschool
You walk on unfinished pavements
And you lost all of your patience
Yet again you trip and fall
Anti social Animal - animal, animal

You say it, we do it
Your riot, your rights
To stay insane
While everyone has found their way

And now i lost my rights

El vampiro
All over the nation
More information
That's the blood that serves him

Choke on a toothpick
I don't believe in your magic
So cut your veins and beast away

These roads, These roads we walk on
look so, So familiar
Today they are full of audience
All anticipating the apocalypse

We're all gone

No defense, No offense
We're doomed

These doors, These doors we open
Into our better future
Our hopes, our dreams, our faith
Nostradamus came slammed it all in our face


No defense, No offense
We're doomed
Plan B, Plan B
It's time for plan B

No defense, No offense
We're doomed
War and gore, more and more

Who's the scapegoat ?!
I'm a loner, Everyone Hates me
When i want some love and affection i never get
And if i want to talk to someone
I always hear the words get lost

Who's the scapegoat ?!
Who, Who ?!

What a loser, looking at us
It seems like finally he's got something to say
Say it, out loud
straight out of your guts

I'm the scapegoat!!
Me, me!

The black sheep does not need anything to believe in
Because he is an outsider from birth
All he needs is his brain
And his brain will start to think
It will say he is for eternity
The scapegoat!

Skin and bones
Barbie was a girl with class
Number one queen of arrogance
On saturday morning she went to the beach with ken
Date raped on the sand

That's where it all collapsed
Barbie's life is now one big mess
Demons in her mind, demons deep inside
It's eating her up her body is eating itself

Skin and bones, Skin and bones
All she's got is skin and bones
Plastic nose, A plastic nose
She's also got a plastic nose

Oh no
this time it isn't her parent's fault
She had to pay the price
Now all she eats is rice
So beautiful fainting in the classroom

Alice D.I.Y
Bachelors in ecology
Masters chinese history
If you got a splinter stuck inside your ear
She will do the herbal hocus pocus

Because everyone pays twice the price
Except the dumpster's queen of ice

The satanic bible
Look at the eyes in the back of the bushes (glow)
Listen to the voices of a thousand demons (moan)

In the air, in the head
Satanic bible is a long living threat

All of the lost kids
Led by the satanic bible

The truth within
Cut, slash one ear off
Rip a piece of my nose
Stick needles inside my eyes
You won't hear a thing as long as i'm alive

You won't hear the truth within me
Chinese methods don't affect me, I won't say

Cut, slash, rip a piece
super painful facial torture

Wolf attack
Wolf attack, here they come
Following your footsteps
Wolf attack, on the run
After your body's stench

Block all of the entrances
They spread horror on my senses
My legs never moved so slow
Now i feel the pressure hitting hard

Atomic pressure on my head

I'm being searched by the mossad
For being such an ignorant citizen
And it isn't going to be easy to track me down
Now that i got new looks and identity

They tried to force me to give my soul away
To their state
And in return all they got is a fugitive full of hate

Two rats
There's not difference but you can't see it
My tail is longer but we're just two rats
We share the same interests
Money, power and death

Two rats, running like idiots after each other (running in circle)
More power devours persistence

Get a gun
If your life is too complicated go get a gun
It's not beyond you to shoot with it
Although you are so young

Guns for protection and discipline
The militant erection feels so good

Sergeant Sodom and Gomorrah
People like you come and go
Maybe dozens in a row
Yet the problem with your eyes
Not even looking at mine
And i can see your whole life
Is full of hatred full of lies
Yes i think that you deserve
To turn into a piece of salt

I take away, away from you
I don't look at any book of rules
Sergeant Sodom and Gomorrah
Spare my life just this time

It's the pill, pill, pill
That kills, kills, kills
One night and it's over
But what a super thrill
What a thrill, thrill, thrill
And the giant void it fills
You better not take too much
Your brain could get grilled

You always want the one that lasts longer
Then you understand that the damage is stronger