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Dienstag, 1. März 2011

Haharetz (the land) - Israeli newspaper interview June 2010

just before recording the LP  we were asked for an interview on a a daily israeli newspaper.
apparently a punk rock fan who we knew from long a go from local punk concerts was making some interview with bands from the indie / DIY scene. And so we were lucky to be the last one she interviewed before she escaped from Isra-Hell to the US.

once again our friend Google translated this from hebrew:

Revelation: the band Uzbeks"

Monday 21 June 2010 03:00 by: Noya stars

They shape their CD cover, and organize their European tour. Band Uzbeks"playing punk, which means they do not need anyone

Demo recording of "Uzbeks" is a perfect representation of marginal culture. Entirely as intended to exist under the radar of the mainstream. Burn Disc, the upper side band logo stamped manually sprayed with spray on mold. Booklet of words, writing, decorated with primitive drawings, filmed at Xerox, cut and folded into the curve drop Xerox cover no less. All these elements made their own band, and they also distribute this recording on their own.

Who puts his hands on this item not only feel a strong gust of visual creativity, but also be disclosed to a collection Songs of punk - rock sweep that makes an immediate desire to see them live. "Our hope is to do something creative, Shlprit will be an added value. We recorded a stale quality, only to have nothing to hear, that people will recognize the songs and sing in performances," says Assaf Bomgard, who plays the guitar in the band took a demo of his label "Twintoe Records (a joint expenditure with "Urban Decay," Label of another band member, bassist Gad Torafranca).
Demo includes eight songs and he left in 2009 in limited edition CD's and tapes. Soon the band will begin recording a full album, will finally summer European tour, which is also completely organized themselves. They made the connections with bands of the genre and with different impressions clubs, and appear about 30 time in Europe.
The tendency to do everything themselves is not just a private obsession of the band members, accustomed to her previous Mlokotim present (among other things, members Uzbeks "played and play in and Mondo Gecko", "Brutal Assault", "Suckinim Baenaim" and more), but is also characteristic of going extinct punk rock - ethics of "Do It Yourself" seeks Laotrkia Loaktiat.

DIY is part punk, "says guitarist David Miretzki. "We believe in it. We think how to do things ourselves, get used to it, and enjoy it. There are many indie bands that are considered but do not do anything alone."
"The fact that we do everything alone preserves the authenticity," explains Torafranca. "We are not a product. Once it wraps out and someone who tells how to design the cover, how to dress and when to determine impressions, authenticity is lost."
The band got half a year ago when the singer Nadav Ben-Horin and MIretzki moved to northern Tel Aviv and his other players. Ben Horin writes the words, according to him, the songs are mostly frustration. "Even at 15 I wrote about the frustrations, but I'm frustrated since I've grown more serious things," he explains the background of songs such as "Satanic Bible", "Mossad" or "Sag. Sodom and Gomorrah" (which also has a humorous clip directed by Noa Olhovsky , you might want to look on YouTube).
"I do not exaggerate the political section, trying to keep this social segment, with sensitivity to ordinary people like me, young citizens, the people," says Ben-Horin. From the begining, the musical idea was simple: an old punk rock (that is, affected by the heyday of the "Ramones" California punk bands of the early '80s, they specifically mention the "TSOL"), melodic and fun. Then he added the effects of Garage, rock and roll Surf. Great extent "Uzbeks" is the continuation of their previous band, "Citizen X".
"Our love is punk rock, from a young age," says Miretzki. "We are influenced by the simplicity of punk with three chords, but that's more complicated than that." Torafranca demonstrates: "Yes, after four discs with punk bands, I played the disc to my father and he told me, I'm amazed, you finally learned to play."

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