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Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

when some PIGS gets pissed in the WOLVES field

Yesterday in Galit skate park, Tel Aviv shows went pretty rad. cold beers, vegan food awesome bands and the Israeli sun melting our brains out. Thank's to some good people that put this up and a big special one for Yonatan (Smiley) Eldan who finally took this idea, of making a punk rock concert in this skate park - to the next level of really happening (!). The show was running cool with many people coming, going, staying, having a beer, letting their kids party or just staring at some kids pogoing and laughing about it. in fact, besides the fact this concert was going on without any official permit from Tel Aviv municipality office, outside in the open sky of Tel Aviv at that cool skate park, there was no disturbance, and even some near by neighbors were enjoying that cool punk afternoon as well.
Yesterday was a good example of how a honest and beautiful initiative of diy artists and punk rockers are being let down in Israel or simply in every police state country.

we were kept as a 'surprise' for this concert's line up therefor we played last, which was kind of cool not to play in front of that boiling sun, makes you wannammmhahahaahAH!
managed to play only like 4 songs, that only on the last one (Wolf Attack) the pigs decided to show up and get their bite from the Uzim and their friends (Cory from Mondo Gecko is on the mic since Nadav was already re-designing the police car the pigs showed up with :)

Thank's for all the bands that played. Vasily, Tom, Liran, Igor, Zuka and many others with those flashy black machines of yours that took some cool evidences

on 18.7 will be an awesome (full) concert of Uzbeks in Rogatka Tel Aviv, come shake it there !

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