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Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Lukinzine review !

Swedish webzine - Lukinzine reviewed G&F LP, google translated this from Swedish to English:

Company / Distributor: Twintoe Year: 2010 Format: LP Rating: 7 / 10
That band name Uzbeks aimed at the ethnic group in the vernacular comes from Uzbekistan, but in equal parts can be found everywhere in Central Asia may not be as hard to guess. But what lets the guys do? The cover is colorful and disc title reveals the party hats and feather-light ironic chord, but the truth is that the Uzbeks are garage punk with punk rock influences, a la Circle Jerks, which is not exactly bad.

In fact, the band not from Central Asia, but from Germany (although members have Israeli origin) and, given the small wisecracking account of the music and lyrics so the band had been able to fit in Spastic Fantastic, but then they had probably also been playing a little faster. Uzbeks do not stand out very much from ordinary garage acts, except lyrically, where they sometimes could be likened to early NOFX where absurdities laps each, and one can think what you wish for. Goggles And Flip Flops is a good album to throw on when the mood is tight, the energy makes one happy and recharge the batteries properly. You want to crank it with his fist in the air, drumming away on the desktop and run a round, so in other words it is a modern Durecellkanin on vinyl, we are dealing with. The best songs, goes under the title Alice DIY and Wolf Attack and the latter purely vocal terms brings some Jello Biafra-vibes.

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