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Ben Gad Nadav Assaf David(a partying 5-piece juicy punk rock n' roll from Israel, ch ch ch checkit !)

Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

We love Yael Meiry

Yael Meiry is one of the best photo capturer along punk rock and indie concerts in Israel in the last 6 years, she also takes some funny photos in the streets sometimes or outside really ARSIM clubs in Karlibach street in Tel Aviv or bizzare concerts punx would never go unless it's for bummin' out and asking for money.. like Justin Bieber concert (??)

Yael made a cool looking compilation CD, togetehr with the best israeli hardcore punk bands from nower days and the last 20 years. Rather if you are lacking some israeli punk knowkledge or simply a punk fan or just like music - this short compliation is a great combination and the best 30 MB your computer will use

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